May 20, 2020

Living in the present moment

Live in the present moment… only the present can be grasped or, better, embraced.

Stephen Hough (b. 1961) Pianist

In this unusual time, our freedom to physically embrace has been limited. At best, we can embrace those few in our household, but not our grandchildren or close friends living apart. For those of us living solo, we may be completely cut off from being held by another person. Nothing fully replaces this basic human connection.

With fewer choices, we might consider different kinds of embrace.

We might embrace the full range of our experience. With the present stirring often conflicting emotions, we might embrace all of what we feel. Setting aside the noise of our judging mind, we can activate the warmth of our welcoming heart. We can value the clarity in our anger, the protection in our fear, the renewal in our joy. Each and every one of our emotions can have their place in our wholeness.

We might embrace a smaller unit of time. When the limitations of our circumstances begin to be burdensome, we might focus on weathering an hour, or even a minute. We might release the pressure of a week or a month and attend to what we need to get through today. We might focus on a small satisfaction or a humble success.

We might more fully embrace ourselves. We might take stock, reflect on who we have become. We might bring a compassionate eye to our abilities and our vulnerabilities – to deepen our self-appreciation. We might name how this time allows us to see ourselves in a new way, perhaps as we are known by those who love us deeply, as we are known by the Divine.

We might find a lot in our life still remains in our tender arms.

What in my life can I embrace today? How can I see myself through the eyes of love?